Why Choose Car Rental For Business?

Why Choose Car Rental For Business?

In recent times, buying cars for your fleet has become less and less financially viable. Such a decision places constraints on your capital and presents losses through depreciation. Additionally, it takes up time in dealing with maintenance and admin. The process is then repeated when another vehicle has been purchased.

Therefore, the prospect of renting your cars stands out as a much more economical option. Particularly once all of the underlying costs of purchasing a vehicle are identified.

Even when these problems aren’t considered, there are a number of additional benefits to hiring cars. This blog will show you what they are and how you can make the most of them.

Flexibility in Use and Price

Picking the right vehicle- Ford Mondeo

If you require your vehicle over a long term period then contract rental is an appropriate solution. For instance, take a three year rental period as an example. In this case, you will benefit from fixed monthly costs and avoid up front customization charges.

Moreover, if you choose a commercial company like Turner Car and Van Rental you will benefit from a comprehensive service and maintenance package.

Conversely, many businesses suffer from inefficiencies regarding their fleet. This often comes from staff turnover resulting in vehicles standing idle or if vehicles have been purchased that don’t suit the needs of the business.

By the same token, it may be a challenge to identify your exact car usage over a three year period. Depending on contract demands, your business may be required to source new vehicles for a fixed period of time. Therefore, under such circumstances, flexible rental can deliver much better value.

Flexible provides all of the benefits that come with contract rental, including a comprehensive maintenance and repair package. Flexible rental provides the perfect option for a business which requires long term car rental, however is unable to identify whether they require the car for the entirety of the three year period.

Choosing The Best Vehicle For You

Car Hire -Corsa

When you buy a car that doesn’t meet the requirements of your business there’s not much you can do with it. Too many companies commit to buying or hiring vehicles before they are fully aware of their suitability to what employees will be using them for. How frequently do they require servicing? What is the vehicles fuel economy? Are they an appropriate size?

Rent your cars from a commercial vehicle specialist like us and you will have access to expert advice, helping you to choose the right vehicles for your purpose and potentially saving you money in the long term.

Servicing and Maintenance

Brand New Ford Mondeo

We have previously highlighted maintenance and repair packages as a benefit of car rental. When you choose Turner Car and Van Rental, your inclusive service and maintenance package will save you significant amount of money, admin and downtime.

Our team organises every aspect of your cars maintenance, from regular services to emergency repairs. Furthermore, as long as they’re maintained within ‘’fair wear and tear’’ guidelines, we’ll replace your tyres free of charge when necessary.

Crucially, your staff aren’t required to deal with the time and stress of scheduling MOTs or scrutinising repair estimates.

Business Service – With A Personal Touch

Ford Ranger Hire


With Turner Car and Van Rental commercial car rental service you’ll deal with friendly people who really do know about your vehicles. You’ll have a named contact at the end of a phone whenever you need them, and if you have any new requirements or need any help, we’re always here for you.

So, don’t buy vehicles that stand idle, depreciate and cause you headaches. Rethink how your fleet works – talk to Turner Car and Van Rental today.

How to Rent

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If you’re interested in hiring a car you can contact your Account Manager for details. Alternatively, you can get a business rental quote via the button to the right and we’ll get in touch ASAP with a personalised quote.

If you’re looking for a short term personal rental of a car, you can call your local branch on 0870 90 20 20. Alternatively, you can get an instant quote via our Quick Quote feature.

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