Fleet Management Planning Mistakes

Assessing Demands Of Fleet Management – Common Mistakes

It may be that you are a small business who is facing greater difficulties in relation to your fleet management. The difficulties associated with efficiency and expense may have caused you to question your current methods in managing your fleet.

Alternatively you may be looking to further increase the number of vehicles that you have within your fleet. No matter the situation, it is important to understand the common planning mistakes when identifying the needs of fleet management.

Distracted By Options

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Recent times have seen great steps taken in the advancement of technology and vehicle design. Such developments have seen an increase in the number of options that van manufacturers are able to offer. For example, it is now insufficient to simply focus on whether you want a standard short or long wheelbase model. This is because there are now alternatives through variable body length, roof height, body styles, load capacity and optional extras.

On first thought, this may seem like a positive challenge to be faced with. However, businesses find it increasingly difficult to gather a fleet that is effective in serving organisational requirements. Therefore, competitors will be able to capitalise on greater experience and fleet knowledge. Furthermore, resulting in a business falling behind industry competitors.

At this point it might be a good idea to talk to a fleet management expert. This will identify where you might have gone wrong and where you can improve.

Overcompensating On Vehicle Size

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When deciding on the size of a vehicle it may seem reasonable to source a larger vehicle than necessary. This strategy may aim to reduce the potential of having insufficient vehicle space. However, such a strategy may not be best use of organisational resources.

Challenges can be presented as a result of such a strategy. Not utilising the full space available within a vehicle can lead to inefficiencies. Therefore, generating costs that are not essential for operations and should in turn, be avoided.

Breaking Maximum Vehicle Load Limits

Although it is not recommended that you overcompensate on the size of your vehicles, it is also important to avoid overloading. Opting for smaller vehicles can increase the temptation to overload in order to save time and cut costs. Such actions are taken very seriously by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The DVSA are able to stop and check any commercial vehicle. This may result in financial penalties if vehicles are deemed to be over their gross vehicle weight.

Such measures are taken to enforce the safe limit weight that is labelled on each vehicle during the manufacturing process. Therefore, any weight above such a limit has a direct effect on the safety of the vehicle through lower responsiveness and increasing stopping time.

Ignoring the Flexible Alternatives

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It may be the case that your business does not currently see any benefits from flexible vehicle hire. The current fleet may contain vehicles that are specific to the needs of the business. Additionally, there may be a spare vehicle that is always available when required. This combination may be all the business currently requires in order to operate successfully.

However, when delving deeper in to the existence of such a spare van, it is important to consider its value. The spare vehicles value will be depreciating as well as incurring further maintenance and insurance costs.

The business is likely to evolve over time, whether that is through growth or to adhere to new environmental standards. Therefore, a business will benefit from the ability to remain flexible when changes must be made to the way it operates.


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