Keeping Your Vehicles On The Road

Challenges and Solutions For Fleet Management

Ensuring vehicles remain on the road can be a difficult task for any Transport Manager or fleet management team.

Fleet Maintenance Combo

2017 Vauxhall Combo

Challenges can be presented through the need to comply with the requirements of the multiple guidelines. Furthermore, issues such as adhering to guidelines associated with general maintenance and fitting safety equipment. Therefore, the handling of such fleet maintenance tasks must be executed accurately to protect valuable budgets.

Changing factors in the political landscape associated with policies and legislation place further pressure on managers. Therefore, a deep understanding of such laws, policies and schemes in relation to specialist vehicles is essential in ensuring vehicles remain on the road.

With this in mind it’s important to identify the key points for you to consider when protecting your fleet. Now we will take your through those points in more detail.

Use Newer Vehicles

Ford Transit L3H3

2017 Ford Transit L3H3

The extent to which you can depend on a vehicle is often determined by its age. Therefore, ensuring that you aren’t using vehicles reaching their latter stages can have a positive effect on your fleet management and reliability. Moreover, newer vehicles also come with the added benefits of stricter adherence to Euro 6 emissions regulations as well as greater safety features. In addition, such vehicles come with lower running costs and therefore allow for advantages over competitors.

However, it is important to understand the strain that this can have on firms with limited resources. Therefore, an alternative approach to solving such issues may be considered. For instance, an organisation may decide to work with a specialist commercial vehicle provider and hire the vehicles instead. In that case, the firm will enjoy saving resources, remain on the pulse of changing legislation as well as having a more dependable fleet available to them.

Utilize Safety Features

Fleet Maintenance Dropside Rental

2017 Ford Transit Dropside

In order to minimise such risks, you may include a wide repertoire of safety features on all company vehicles. Such features include:

  • GPS / telematics solutions. These can notify drivers of site hazards like power lines, shut down the driver’s phone while the vehicle is in motion and monitor driving behaviours such as speed, braking and cornering – thereby encouraging safer driving.
  • Cameras and sensors to monitor blind spots and prevent accidents while the vehicle is in operation.

Not only does the potential of an accident occurring reduce, but there is also further operational advantages in committing to safety.

Commercial Vehicle Specialists

Changes to European Legislation for commercial vehicles in 2013 have meant that all conversions made to commercial vehicles must now be type approved separately to the build of the original vehicle model. However, this legislation is not exclusively for a whole new body fitting on an existing chassis. For instance, other upgrades such as lighting, heating and upgraded interiors also fall under the legislation’s constraints.

The risks of not complying with such legislation can be costly through large fines or even imprisonment. However, there is lengthy period involved in gaining type approval as well as additional costs.

Therefore, steps may be taken to outsource such a process to a specialist commercial vehicle rental company. Specialists in this situation will provide a cost effective solution to potential risks.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Support

By following a strict fleet maintenance schedule a firm is able to ensure that its fleet remains out of danger, is productive and avoids lengthy periods off the road. As previously highlighted, the age of a vehicle has a large impact on a firm’s ability to maintain its vehicles at the highest standard.

The resources of a firm can become stretched very quickly if older vehicles frequently require maintenance and repairs. In fact, many firms have chosen to work with commercial vehicle specialists as a result of such pressures. As a result, companies are able to obtain newer vehicles and industry-specific maintenance. Further benefits include breakdown cover and emergency vehicle replacement. Importantly, costs such as these often occur within the hire package. Therefore, firms can benefit from predictable costs, inclusive repairs and the downtime of operations minimised.

Should you choose to follow the vehicle rental approach; there will be a range of vehicle options available to you, especially if you opted for the Flexible Hire route. Nevertheless, any approach taken in sourcing your vehicles should be guided by forward planning. By doing so, firms will then have the best chance of keeping its full fleet of vehicles on the road, year round.


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