Why Van Hire is Perfect for Fleet Operators

Fleet Operators

There are multiple factors that can encourage fleet operators to choose van hire. The associated low cost or potential tax benefits may be desirable. Alternatively, organisations may view van hire favourably due to its flexible characteristics. The greater choice of brand new vehicles available for hire may be enticing. Furthermore, the promise of avoiding maintenance costs as well as reducing the amount of time vehicles are off the road.

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Many British businesses entrust commercial vehicles to conduct their daily operations. Therefore, the decision as to how vehicles are sourced will take great thought. One option for fleet operators is contract hire. This form of hire delivers all of the above benefits as well as a host of others. Although, it’s entirely possible that some fleet operators may prefer to own their vehicles outright. However, the attraction to contract hire is increasingly greater given the heightened economic pressures placed on organisations.

Key Benefits:

Select From Many Different New Vehicles

Fleet operators are able to select whatever vans they need with van rental as it ensures greater access to a wider range of vehicles. At Turner Hire Drive, we are proud to offer a wide range of commercial vehicles to all of our customers. We provide the latest models and our entire fleet is replaced regularly, so our customers always have access to brand new vehicles.

Eliminate Maintenance Costs

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Regardless of how new or reliable your vehicles may be, it is very likely that they will incur maintenance costs. This can prove costly through effecting productivity and producing direct costs. With contract hire from Turner Hire Drive, all servicing and maintenance costs are include in the rental price. We also provide breakdown cover at no extra cost. Therefore driver will have minimal off road time if a problem arises with your vehicles.

Benefit From flexibility

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In the event of changing business requirements and unforeseen circumstances, there isn’t a great deal that can be done once a vehicle has been purchased. Conversely, when renting a vehicle, you are able to enjoy flexibility in such situations. With rental, you are able to respond quickly when business increases or briefly decreases.

Escape Asset Depreciation

Not only does van rental preserve capital, it allows companies to keep depreciating assets like vehicles off their balance sheet. By hiring commercial vehicles, you are no longer required to allocate considerable funds to your fleet before seeing the vehicles depreciate rapidly in value.

How To Hire

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