More Than Just Rental – Turner Group

The Turner Group

Turner Hire Drive are part of the Turner Group of companies, meaning that we provide so much more than just car and van rental. Although we are all autonomous companies in our own right, we work with some fantastic companies in Scotland and around the world that you may not yet know about.


Today, we would like to welcome Ecoliving as the newest member of the Turner Group, joining us at our head offices in Glasgow.


Founded in 2004, Ecoliving was one of the first companies established in the UK with a particular focus on developing the microgeneration market. The company has established a respected position and delivers consultancy, design, installation and maintenance services around energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Ecoliving has been involved is thousands of renewable energy projects employing heat pumps, biomass and solar for a broad range of customers from self-builders to country estates and from RSL’s to distilleries.

“We are excited about the opportunities to scale the impact we have on the transition to a low carbon economy and the potential to develop Ecoliving as part of the Turner Group,” said Mark Henderson, Co-founder and director of Ecoliving, along with Keith Kemsley.


You can get in touch with Ecoliving for any enquiries via and with ourselves for any vehicle hire needs at