New Ford Mondeo

New Fleet

We’ve been adding more and more brand new cars to our fleet to meet the growing demand for high quality, company cars for our customers. This time, it’s the Ford Mondeo.

The Ford Mondeo uses a whole host of intelligent features to enable it to react to what’s going on around it, continually responding to the road conditions, other traffic and your own driving.


You’ll find the Mondeo provides a great space for all passengers to relax with plenty of leg, elbow and head room, as well as a generously sized boot.


The Ford Mondeo comes with Bluetooth and Sat Nav, displayed in an 8” touchscreen that features the same pinch-and-swipe gestures you’re used to on smartphones and tablets. You can also use voice commands to search for restaurants or services along your route.

Intelligent Tools

The Mondeo has a range a smart features including headlamps that turn to follow the road as you turn the steering wheel, helping you see round bends. As well as parking sensors to help you fit into those tricky spots and a Quickclear feature that can de-ice or defrost the windscreen with the touch of a button.

How to Hire

If you’re interested in hiring one of these vehicles for business use, you can get in touch via or contact your Account Manager.

If you’re looking for a short term personal hire then you can call your local branch on 0870 90 20 200, or get an instant quote via our Quick Quote feature.