Committed to Reducing Emissions

Committed to Reducing Emissions

In light of the UK Government’s plans to ban all sales of Petrol and Diesel vehicles by 2040 we have looked at our commitment to reducing emissions. As a vehicle rental business, we feel we have an additional responsibility to ensure that we are taking the appropriate measures in order to reduce the amount of emissions on UK roads.

Therefore, we have continuously increased the number of vehicles on our fleet that function using eco-friendly technology. In fact, our entire car range operates using Econetic, Eco-flex or ultra-low emission technology.

Econetic Technology

Reducing Emissions-Econetic Technology

Econetic is used by all of our Ford cars and achieves an improved eco-friendly performance. Such improvements come mainly due to the introduction of a stop-start system. Although longer gear ratios also play their part. Additionally, Ford’s focus on ensuring the components, like the cooling fan, sap less energy.

Eco-FLEX Technology

Reducing Emissions- Vauxhall Corsa

Our range of Vauxhall cars all contain Eco-FLEX ‘Whisper Diesel’ engines. This is designed to offer you our highest mpg and lowest emission cars, with the longest range. Furthermore, continuing to fuel driving enjoyment and powerful engine performance of up to 170PS.

High Quality Vehicles – Low EmissionsBrand New Ford Mondeo

Not only does our range of cars provide excellent driver experience but customers are able to drive them with the knowledge that the vehicle is commited to reducing emissions. Whether you are driving one of our Ford Mondeos, Vauxhall Corsas or Fiat 500s, you can be sure of this.

AdBlue and Euro6 EnginesCitan hire

The majority of the vans on our fleet now use AdBlue technology in order to reduce emissions. AdBlue is a colourless, non-toxic liquid made up of water and urea. It’s used in new diesel engines to comply with Euro 6 in an effort to reduce harmful gases from diesel exhausts. A small amount of AdBlue is injected into the flow of the exhaust gases, so when they come into contact, they break down the mono-nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment, and instead produce nitrogen and oxygen which are harmless gases that already occur naturally.

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