Year Round Support

Customer Service

We always make sure we go the extra mile for our customers at Turner Hire Drive to make sure they have the support they need all year round. Having scalable fleet numbers is a huge benefit to any company, and is something that we pride ourselves on providing so well to many of our customers. Below is a message from one of our long term customers regarding the work we have done with them over past year, as well as some excellent fund raising for a great cause.

Great Support

“I am tasked this morning with offering praise to those who have helped our operation during our winter period and allowing summer to start with a smooth transition and felt I should start with Turner Hire Drive.”


“I appreciate all the support during our winter period this is a demanding time for our business where for 24 hours a day in an almost solid 5 month period we have all hands on deck to keep the roads clear for the public. There is a myth that this can only be done by gritters (incorrect ) as I have learned as well as yourselves. Over the past few months for 24hrs a day we also convoy traffic where road closures are required due to snow fall of fallen trees and road repairs, this could not have been done without the support from yourselves where we bulk up our fleet at the drop off a hat and your efforts of pulling vehicles out of nowhere is not just impressive, but we could not have performed our winter period without this support.”

Spring / Summer

“Once again the better weather is here which means our landscaping team are back to full flow and again a huge thanks for with little notice you have once again done a Paul Daniels and made sixteen vans appear from nowhere. Again I have had feedback from Andy And Mike who can not fault the service levels we receive.”


“A huge thanks to Turner as a company, as we carried out a charity white water rafting race. We entered two boats into the competition and from 11, we managed to finish 1st and 2nd. More importantly as a company we raised just over two thousand pounds for Chest, Heart And Stroke Scotland. This figure was achieved by sponsorship from yourselves and other companies. Again not only does this show the gratitude from Turner Hire Drive for the business you receive from ourselves but also shows how Turner Hire Drive as a company are a credit to the rental industry by supporting local charity.

Thanks again for your on going support”