Turner Telematics – Vehicle Tracking and Reporting

Turner Telematics is a highly detailed, fully customisable vehicle tracking and reporting system. The system provides fleet managers with comprehensive data integration and an easy-to-use fleet analytics platform so that they can be in control of every aspect of their fleet.

Why Focus on Vehicle Use?

The detailed tracking of GPS and engine data allows for fleet Safetymanagers to keep a close eye on all vehicles, and helps them to spot any possible issues before they become a problem.

Productivity & Cost
Most crashes are avoidable | Fuel consumption is impacted by driver behavior | Crash, fuel, and maintenance expenses impact profits

Crashes are the leading cause of workplace injury | Up to 90% of crashes are caused by driver behavior

Fleet Optimisation
A driver can impact up to 33% of vehicle emissions Corporate responsibility and accountability

How Turner Telematics Can Help



To help improve the productivity of drivers, Turner Telematics produces highly accurate time reports to monitor the below details.

  • Start and end times
  • Time spent in work and customer zones
  • Unauthorized stop duration, lunches etc…
  • Accurate payroll hours
  • Actual distance driven
  • Real-time location of assets

The ‘Nearest-to‘ functionality helps improve fleet efficiency as Turner Telematics will automatically detect which driver is closest to the required job, preventing unnecessary fuel usage from those further away.

Zones can also be created for particular areas to see exactly how and where employees are spending their time, as well as helping with journey planning to cut down on time spent stuck in traffic.

An ROI is achieved when a fleet is able to use data to reduce distance driven, idle time, wasted time, fuel usage and increase customer stops per day.


Accident NotificationsAccident Reports
With real-time notifications and detailed second-by-second data, Turner Telematics’ recording algorithm helps you take crucial and timely action steps. The reports let you see the last 30 seconds before the accident occurred. If your vehicle has been hit while parked, Turner Telematics’ unique recording technology can help prove no-fault to your insurance provider.

Speed, engine speed, location, direction, impact force and driver behavior before and after the accident allows accident reconstructions which can make a huge difference to insurance claims.

Accident Detection
Automatic accident data retrieval and reconstruction Data is used for court cases with Turner Telematics acting as an expert witness to verify the accuracy of the data. Back-up detection is provided via the accelerometer and engine.

An ROI is achieved with Safety when there is a noticeable drop in accidents and tickets, thereby lowering insurance claims, workers compensation claims, and vehicle repairs.

Fleet Optimisation

Fuel Efficiency
Monitor fuel events and fuel efficiency: Capture accurate fuel consumption data to monitor how much fuel is being consumed and how efficiently the vehicles are being driven.

Preventative Maintenance
Simple Rules can be set to monitor battery level, AdBlue level, engine light on, tank level, oil, diagnostic codes, etc. in real time.

ROI Summary Reports
The Fleet Savings Summary Report estimates a fleet’s existing and potential cost savings in the areas of safety, fuel, maintenance, and productivity based on rich telematics data. Potential savings represent cost reduction opportunities that could be achieved via investments in proactive driver management initiatives.

The Device

Easy Plug-&-Play Installation
It all starts in the vehicle. Our device simply plugs straight into your vehicle’s OBDII port. If your vehicle or truck does not have an OBDII, an adapter can be used instead. The installation process is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any special tools or the assistance of a professional installer.

High Quality Recording
Our engine integration leads the industry. Turner Telematics extracts more valuable information on the health and running status of your vehicle to make you aware of service maintenance priorities. Recording VIN, odometer, and seatbelt use helps managers audit vehicle use and identify both safe and risky driving habits.

Ultra-Accurate Engine Diagnostics
Our tracking device is world leading in fleet management. It communicates and is compatible with diverse vehicle types: hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and highway trucks.

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching
Recording high quality information and making it simple to set up rules that immediately coach drivers to improve their driving is what Turner Telematics is about. Manage your safe driving policies, like speeding and idling, by playing an audible alert buzzer or with an add-on to coach the driver with spoken words.

Turner Telematics Demo

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